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Complete Dentures

A denture is used when all teeth will need to be replaced. There are many reasons why teeth would need to be removed or have already been lost. This option could be helpful to someone who needs all or multiple teeth replaced that do not have enough support for other restorations such as a bridge or removable partial denture.

Removable Partial Denture

This device allows for multiple teeth to be replaced while using the remaining teeth as support. A removable partial denture is removed daily at home by the patient to allow for proper cleaning.  If a bridge or an implant are not a good option for you, a removable partial denture may be one option to consider.


An overdenture is a denture that has implants to attach to, often time with a snapping or clipping attachment system. These dentures are more retentive and give the patient better chewing function as compared to a denture with no implant support. Overdentures can be a good option for patients that would like to have improved stability of their regular denture.

Interim Partial Denture

An interim partial denture is a temporary denture that can be worn if a front tooth will need to be taken out due to trauma or any other reason. These are helpful when a permanent restoration will be a removable partial denture as this temporary restoration allows the gum tissue to heal prior to starting the process for the permanent solution.

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